My Favourite Places In The World – Part 2


Berlin. Grey, freezing cold and everything seems to be on a grand scale. It makes you feel so minute and insignificant; from the Holocaust Memorial to the Reichstag to the Brandenburg Gate to the three storey high street art plastered on the side of buildings. Even the German bus driver you meet as soon as you land manages to make you feel small and insignificant as he dumps you and your friend at an unknown location, refusing to help and knowing full well he spoke English.

Never mind the rude bus driver, Berlin is mind blowing, even in the winter when you think you might just lose your nose and fingers to frost bite.

Historical sites – Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, East Side Gallery, the Reichstag…there’s so much history to immerse yourself into.


Holocaust Memorial


Winter wonderland – I am a massive fan of Christmas and anything Christmas related so to be in Berlin during this period was a dream come true. With over 50 Christmas markets it’s hard to know where to start!

Christmas Market

Style – everyone in Berlin is effortlessly cool. Throw in the fact you can go clubbing in your Converse and not get questioned about not meeting dress standards, Berlin had me. They also take the hipster look to a whole new level without looking like clones of each other.

Kreuzberg – my dream place to take photos. Everywhere you turn there’s some kind of art or graffiti scrawled on walls, windows, street lights, the footpath, basically anywhere with a blank surface. The pieces could be miniscule or absolutely in-your-face masterpieces leaving you wanting to explore the streets for days and days.





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