Travelling – it changes you


A couple of weeks ago I was in Bali recovering from dengue fever. Lucy (aka Mum) flew over to be with me before I was admitted to hospital. Once I was discharged I was to rest for the next few days at the hotel before flying home. I was paranoid of mosquitoes so we decided to eat dinner in the hotel restaurant. I lay on the bed waiting for Lucy when she asks me when I’m going to get ready. I tell her I’m done and she laughs while I sit there confused. The old me would have washed, blow-dried and straightened my hair then put on a face of makeup just to walk a few metres from the hotel room. Instead I’m laying there with my hair messily half up in a top knot and zero make up – not even mascara on my albino eyelashes. Who are you and what have you done with my daughter!?

Now I’ve just returned from a five day road trip down to the south-west with a friend and can’t help but laugh at how things have REALLY changed since she and I ventured to Europe in the summer of 2011; a time when I reluctantly experienced a hostel for the first time (and hated it. I vowed to never hostel ever again). A time when I HAD to have a spray tan before I left the country so I didn’t look so pale. A time when I dyed my blonde hair to dark brown so I didn’t have to worry about regrowth. Seriously, looking back I feel like such a dick! Who was that person!? I’m stoked I’m no longer that much of a high maintenance princess. All that time and effort would be cutting into precious exploring time, what a waste! So, how has travelling changed you?

I care less about what people think of me and I’m less judgmental of others

I’m no longer addicted to my hairdryer / straightener and makeup (never thought I would say those words!)

I’m more outgoing – you don’t really have much of a choice but to be outgoing when you’re travelling solo!

My priorities changed. I always wanted the career but now I only view a job as a means to continuing to travel during large chunks of the year

Shopping is no longer the main focus of my trips – I want to experience the culture and see how the locals live.

I’m less anxious. If things didn’t go to plan I used to freak out but now I just see it as an opportunity for something else to happen.

I’m more likely to say yes to things that used to scare me, like jumping on the back of a motorbike or travelling half way around the world solo.


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