My Favourite Travel Photos

I’m feeling nostalgic today looking through all my travel snaps. Here’s my absolute favourites…

Sadhus aka Holy Men (Pashupatinath Temple, Nepal)
Our guide mentioned these guys are probably frauds as they demand money (minimum 100 NPR) to have a photo with them. They were pretty creepy and seedy kind of guys but out of the group these were my two favourites to photograph.




Lone Giraffe (iMfolozi, South Africa)
When I took this photo there were 4 – 5 giraffes behind our vehicle. They were walking across the road and while the close up shots were great, the bitumen road in the frame ruins them. I then turned to face the front of the vehicle and saw a lone giraffe in the distance. This shot perfectly captures my love for the South African bush.



Puppy Love (Canggu, Bali)
Nikki and I were heading back to the hotel from the beach when this fat little puppy came running out to us in the street, followed by his even smaller and fatter brother. Our cameras were out in seconds and we went crazy taking photos. Nikki took this shot and I can’t even begin to describe the excitement at the cuteness of this puppy!


African Wild Dog (Mkhuze, South Africa)
I had only seen Wild Dogs for the first time, two weeks prior, at iMfolozi. However, at Mkhuze they came so close to us it was unreal. I think they were just as curious about us as we were them. The fact these stunning creatures are critically endangered makes a sighting like this even more incredible.



Dog and Aloe (Mkhuze, South Africa)
We didn’t think we’d get lucky again, finding the dogs hunting, but as the vehicle came over the hill we spotted the pack antagonising three wildebeest. All week I’d been talking about wanting the perfect shot of a dog with an aloe plant (weird, yes). As the pack scattered throughout the scrub I managed to get my much-wanted shot. Yay!



Taj Mahal (Agra, India)
I’d been told it was smaller in real life so expected something a lot tinier than I initially imagined. Nothing can prepare you for the sight of the Taj so when we arrived I was blown away. I hadn’t experienced this kind of level of excitement since I went to Disneyland. I took more photos than I can count and just kept telling Marisa that I couldn’t believe we were there. I love symmetrical photos and the Taj is the epitome of symmetry.



Pilgrims (Varanasi, India)
The day was intense and I was so so tired. And hot. And covered in sweat. And dirt. I felt amazing. Not. Our tour group was due to meet on the banks of the Ganges for a sunset boat ride. During the wait I was approached by a group of young Pilgrim boys asking for a photo. I was tired of being asked for photos so asked him how much. He said he didn’t want any money, just a photo, so I agreed. He pushes a young kid towards me and he sits down for a photo. He gets up and another boy takes his place. This happens about four or five times with other guys before they all jump in for a group photo. It’s nice to be in a country that appreciates my albino glow.



Cheeky Giraffe (iMfolozi, South Africa)
Giraffes make the best photos and this is probably my favourite animal photo. I got lucky with timing while this guy ate and managed to get the shot in one single click.



Ensumo Pan (Mkhuze, South Africa)
We had morning tea at Ensumo Pan the day before and loved it so much we made Phillip take us back the next day. It was one of the coldest and foggiest mornings and when we reached the hide you couldn’t see anything beyond a few metres in front. The photo makes the hide seem kind of haunted but at the time it was anything but. The area was super quiet except for the occasional noise from the water birds.

 Ensumo Pan


Balloons (Goreme, Turkey)
I saw a friend’s ballooning photos and thought they were photoshopped so when I found out they were untouched I was pretty excited to see it for myself. I took loads of photos but love the colours of this one. It still doesn’t do the experience any justice though.



Birthday Jump (Berlin, Germany)
It was my birthday, it was the coldest I’ve ever felt and I was so excited to be in such a historical place. It took Emelie and I many attempts to (not quite) perfect the jumping photo but this one is me in sheer happiness mode.



Village Kids (Tordi Garh, India)
We did a walking tour of the nearby village where all the kids wanted was a photo taken. At first it seems like they will be demanding money once you’ve taken the photo but all they want is to see themselves on the camera screen afterwards.



Natural Instinct Healing (Ubud, Bali)
In 2013 I attended a seven-day raw food retreat with Natural Instinct Healing and it literally changed my life. This photo takes me back and there are no words to explain what this place did for me.



Lion Kill (Londolozi, South Africa)
Our ranger, Dan, took us to a pride of lions that were sleeping after making a kill a few days earlier. There were cubs on the other side of the bushes but as there were already three vehicles there we had to hang back. As soon as a vehicle left we took its place and sat watching this pride sleep. Within minutes the pride is up and there’s a giant puff of dust; an impala had come bounding straight through the middle when a lioness took it down. At the time it was hard to tell what exactly had happened. Dan pulled the vehicle around to the other side of the pride and we were metres from three males tearing this impala apart. It may sound cruel and sick but to witness this was once in a lifetime but also the scariest and most surreal thing I’ve ever seen.



Helicopter (Victoria Falls, Zambia)
After spending four days at Londolozi I can honestly say that no matter where I went afterwards there was no way it would come close to my experience there. So I won’t lie that when I first saw Victoria Falls I was pretty unfazed by it. I think I was more excited by the fact that there were so many rainbows you could stand under. However, my opinion of the Falls changed once I saw it from a bird’s eye view in a helicopter.



Edge of the World (Pamukkale, Turkey)
Most of the tour group had imagined the pools to be in some magical isolated location but they’re not. You can see them from the chaotic streets of the city and oh what a let down that was – until you get closer and really see how amazing they are. Even with hundreds of other tourists (and dudes getting their creep on with their cameras) this place is insane. The water looks so blue but when you swim in it it’s like milk. Definitely a must-see in Turkey for sure.



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