What I’ve Learnt So Far…


It’s been over a month since my last blog basically because of slow wifi, my laziness and I’ve had way more exciting things distracting me, like exploring and experiencing new foods!

A lot has happened but I thought I should share what I’ve learnt so far on my trip:

– Cape Town is still my favourite city I’ve ever visited and South Africa my favourite country.

– Don’t be too scared to strike up a conversation with anyone. Chances are they’re just as shy about wanting to talk to you. I wouldn’t have met half the people I have if I didn’t initiate a conversation about where they are from or if they wanted to get something to eat.

– There’s no bad mood that Fleetwood Mac or Paul Simon can’t get you out of.

– Trust people more. There are more good sorts out there than bad.

– Being a solo female traveller means everyone and anyone is willing to offer help.

– The iPhone5 is probably the worst phone to use travelling purely because of it’s useless battery. Its camera makes up for this shortcoming though.

– Always travel with a second Visa card so you’re not stuck without money or having to rely on other people.

– There is no speed limit in South Africa; yes, there are speed signs but there is apparently no speed limit.

– Pack lighter. Do you really need 3 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of shoes and a stupid amount of scarves? No. Plus it will save you $120 in air freight fees sending 7.5kgs worth of clothing home.

– No matter how much you love cheese and bread, Turkey will quite possibly ruin this for you. The same goes for rice in Kathmandu….half a kilo serving at each meal, anyone?

– When people offer advice about other countries listen to them but don’t necessarily take it all onboard. You need to make up your own mind.

– Gas stations in Turkey have possibly the largest variety of chips, lollies, gum & biscuits and you WILL attempt to try atleast nearly all of them.

– It is possible for me to go more than 4 days without showering.

– It is also possible for me to go more than a month without wearing makeup or using my hair dryer!

– South Africa still has the most attractive male population of any country I’ve been to. If you’ve ever done a safari you will know what I’m talking about.

– I need to do more for the environment and so should the rest of you. Check out http://www.wildlifeact.com and make a donation in the form of money or your time, or both.

– It’s amazing how interesting conversations with strangers can turn your day around and those people will have no idea how much of an impact they had on you.

– When you’re living in the bush it’s amazing how many variations of rice and pasta can be created.

– Obtaining a South African visa is near impossible. And I’m apparently too old to be considered for adoption. Marriage proposals?

– Money isn’t everything. Ok, I already knew this but everyday I am constantly reminded of this. Especially when you’re hungover, laying in the sun in a London park with your best friend and talking about how little money you have but how incredibly happy you are.

– London has amazing Happy Hour deals….2 for 1? Ok!

– Drinking 8 strawberry daiquiris on an empty stomach is never a good idea. London Happy Hour deals hurt. Bad.

– Dealing with a travel insurance claim, tax return, bank refund and flight refund while away is not fun in the slightest. On the upside it does mean possibly more money to extend the trip or put toward the next one.

– If you’re feeling sick or get injured, ask for help instead of trying to deal with it on your own because you don’t want to put other people out. It’s not worth it.

– Kathmandu is a pretty cool city filled with super friendly people but man, they could learn a thing or two about waste management.

– Australians don’t have the right to complain about anything. As much as I love spending months away from the isolated island I can appreciate the fact we don’t have scheduled blackouts, our produce is safe and of the highest quality, we keep our cities clean and can drink straight from the tap.

– Always carry a sketch book and pencils. It’s way more fun drawing while you wait hours between flights.

– Travelling solo has alot of perks but can also be very tiresome. Sometimes you don’t want to make small talk with strangers but know it’s in your best interest to do so. You then make a new friend and the thought of it all being tiresome is a distant memory.

– Everest beer in Kathmandu is hands down the best foreign beer I’ve ever had.

– Ticking things off your travel list won’t make that list any shorter. In fact, once you’ve met other fellow travellers and heard their stories your list will just get longer. And that’s one of the best things about travelling.

– London is expensive. Stupidly expensive.

– I would rather be in the bush than in a city. Just give me one day to have a manicure, massage and body scrub and I’ll be fine.

– Jet lag is your worst nightmare especially when you know you have to be up in 5 hours to get ready for sightseeing. On top of that you’ve only managed 6 hours sleep in the last 3 days.


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