Selçuk, Çanakkale & back to Istanbul


The next stops were Selçuk and Çanakkale before finishing the tour back in Istanbul. Each village we visited we didn’t think it could get much better, until we arrived at the next place and were once again blown away.

Selçuk was the one place that took nearly all of my spendings, plus more! The jewellery was incredible and I couldn’t stop myself from buying. Even when I’d maxed out my budget I still managed to convince myself I needed more. All I can say is thank god Cape Town is cheap otherwise I’d be sleeping on the streets.

Next stop, 6 hours later, was Çanakkale. It was a tight schedule after visiting Troy but we managed to spend a few hours at the Gallipoli memorial. For the first time there were barely any other tourists around so we were able to wander around in silence taking it all in. I’m not the most patriotic Australian but this place hit me; when you see gravestones of men who are younger than I it makes you realise just how lucky we are.





















Still more website glitches – it decided to refresh the page and delete half of my hour-long post! Will post more photos of Turkey later.


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