Dalyan & Pamukkale

Sorry it’s been a while between posts but making the time (and finding reliable free wifi) is a little difficult. 

Dalyan was unlike the other stopovers. It reminded me of Bali with it’s mass consumption of tourist goods and the high numberof middle-aged Brits. In saying that, they did make a mean strawberry daiquiri and after just one, on an empty stomach, my new Canadian friend Hayley and I were well on our way to a night of partying. We turned up to dinner giggling our heads off and convinced the rest of the group to go back to the bar with us for more cocktails later. 


Tess, Hayley & I were the last ones standing in the early hours of the morning and decided we needed food before heading back to the hotel. Tess & I only wanted hot food so off we all go in the search of a feast. At one point we turn around and we’re being followed by about 13 dogs; they continue to follow us and we name the leader Toby & feel like we’re cast in Ace Ventura Pet Detective. 


We find a dodgy looking shop where none of the food is labelled. A nearby lady must have sensed our confusion and tells us all to take a bite of her ‘cockroach sandwich’. It was the most delicious thing on earth so we all order cockroach sandwiches. Even on the walk home we were still obsessing over this amazing sandwich and wondering what exactly was in it. The next morning, nursing disgusting hangovers on the boat ride to the turtle beach, we’re proudly telling the group about these amazing sandwiches. It wasn’t until a few hours later we thought to ask Murat what it was we may have eaten and where we could find more. He explains that the delicacy we ate was called Kokoreç, otherwise known as … intestines! Mmm not so delicious now!

Two days later we’re on another 5 hour bus ride headed to Pamukkale. Aside from Cappadocia, Pamukkale was one of the must-see places for me on the tour. I’d heard mixed reviews from people with some saying it looked exactly like Google Images displayed while others said it was brown and dirty. The naysayers were totally wrong, the place was stunning! Perfectly white with the bluest water filling the pools. It wasn’t exactly the warmest weather but I couldn’t not go swimming. It was seriously one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to. And now for some reason as I try to add photos it won’t let me! Stay tuned for an update…



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